River Creek Lodge Wedding Stoney Point, NC Charlotte, NC Wedding Photographer

I finally have the chance to write my 1st official blog and couldn't have picked a more special ocassion to write  about. It seems like forever ago when I sat at C3 with Sharon, Ray & Bryton to get to know each other. This family will always be special to me because they are my first wedding <3

This babe of a couple got married at the beautiful River Creek Lodge in Stoney Point NC.  The wedding was beautiful with perfect weather to start the spring season. I just loved the Chuck Taylor's the groom and groomsmen wore, and can we say #beardgoals? Sharon's dress was just so beautiful I had to get dress shots on and off because ughhh (insert heart eyes here)! The day went absolutely perfect. Thank you Ray, Sharon and Bryton for trusting me to document your beautiful day. You guys are some kind of special and I wish you all the love there is forever <3

Special shout out to Kelly for being an awesome 2cd shooter on the day!