2019 Why I'm late to say Happy New Year! :) | Wedding Photography Portfolio | Charlotte Wedding Photographers

Hey frannnnnss!

Ugh its been so WILD since the last time I posted! I promise I’ve been just that busy! With starting and growing this business so fast, I decided that homeschooling should not have to be less than bc of it (hints the long break of blogging) But this certainly does not mean that I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth. Simply put it took a few months to figure out what was the most important and how to have a system that everything wins! So here is a short recap of what’s been happening!

I changed so many things around for the business and how to better serve you guys! 1stly we expanded my team! (Look out for post on that soon!). 2nd I was able to do quite a bit of travelling. Road trips from Savannah, Florida, abd New Jersey have me craving for more! From hosting the Honestly Workshop to being published TWICE in PopSugar (see here & here), I’m just overwhelmed with gratefulness! Then mostly I had the most amazing opportunities to work for some of Charlotte’s BEST photographers and work with the most BEAUTIFUL humans I’ve had the honor to call frannss (clients). Here is a video to show some of my favs from last year! Happy New year 3 months LATE hahahaha