Khan & Malcolm | Uptown Charlotte Photography | Charlotte Wedding Photographers

It was so awesome spending time with these newly weds Khan and Malcolm. We decided for this couple’s shoot that we would take a “date night” in uptown Charlotte. To be honest all that I had planned was to get them in some of my favorite spots in fantastic lighting and be inspired!. So the King of Pop thing was totally spontaneous and I love when my couples are down for whatevs! We got to chat eat pops play and mostly I got to hear their story in depth. It is just the cutest love story and even though they know each other for so long, look how fresh their love is!!! I’m still swooned over this shoot and their story! Enuf of me blabbing, take a look for yourself!

Their Story in her words:

Malcolm and I met in sixth grade science class as the teacher went down the role. Everyone said here or present when their name was called but I had to be extra because I thought I was cool. When the teacher called my name I replied, “what’s up?” Everyone turned and stared at me including Malcolm. He’s been intrigued ever since. Malcolm asked me out almost every year since the 6th and I said no every year because we were best friends and I didn’t want to mess that up. I finally agreed our freshman year of college and I told him don’t expect this to last long because I get bored easily. 11 years later I guess I’m not bored yet.