Jaime & Porter | Jetton Park Engagement Session | Charlotte Wedding Photographers

I absolutely enjoyed hanging with this fun loving couple! When Jaime expressed on her session prep guide that she would like something by the water, I knew that Jetton Park would be perfect for them! As always we take a walk down memory lane and talk about how the two lovers met. In their words here is the story:

Her words:

We take our love story all the way back to high school. Porter was a junior, kicking butt on the football team and I was a sophomore, leading the school’s dance team at every basketball halftime show.  I knew there was something about Porter when I first laid eyes on him and all Porters friend’s could tell. Porter decided he needed to see what I was all about. High school is always tough on relationships. What was a girl to do when every girl in school wanted HER MAN?! Well, I decided to bailed! lol. I basically told Porter that he wasn't going to break my heart!

Flash forward to about 12 years later (Jamie has 2 kids but on her own) Porter reconnects with Jamie through infamous facebook. Jamie refused to go out with Porter on multiple occasions (her mind went back to high school and wondered if all the ladies still wanted him now) but finally one day, Jamie says yes! 2 years later they are engaged and planning their wedding for June of 2020! Check out how cute they are!!!