5 Engagement Locations in NC you want to Consider!

North Carolina is here to give you all the vibes and feels. Literally! Whether in plain sight or hidden/tucked away, there are many gems to satisfy for your engagement photo shoot. From the booming craft brewery pop ups in Charlotte, to the maze of Art gems at THE RALEIGH MUSEUM OF ART! From skylines, industrial feels, boho mountain vibes you can find it all here in North Carolina! Enjoy this list of 5 North Carolina date worthy locations!



Places like Black Balsam Knob in Asheville NC is just plainly magical especially during golden hour☀🌥☀⛅☀! You DEFINITELY need to go in the warmer months because it gets COLD in the mountains of Asheville ❄❄❄❄!!!! And when I say Cold I mean Cold❄ ☃ Be sure to check the Asheville NC website ahead of time. Cool weather can produce ice causing road closures. Be sure to pack some hiking (tennis) shoes because it’s a nice little hike! Even a little light stretching, just kidding! ⛰⛰⛰

Posh-Moments-Photography-NC- Wedding-Photographer-Rolling-Hills-Farms-Wedding-Monroe-NC-Charlotte-NC_0232.jpg

Pro tip: Make sure you meet up before going up to the mountain with your couple so you can either ride behind or together! There is no cell reception and would be hard to find each other if one party gets lost!



I freaking LOVE this place. Did I mention I freaking love this place?! The NC Museum of Art gives you all the feels. The NC Museum of Art in Raleigh NC location is free to shoot outside and gives all the artistic and modern vibes. There is so much versatility in one place! The creative abilities are limitless with a location like this. I suggest you hit this amazing place up during golden hour in the evening because they have such a gorgeous field the sun sets behind giving the most romantic light.

Pro Tip: Make sure you communicate with your client the desired wardrobe to coordinate well with the spots you choose to photograph in for a cohesive look!



If you are a lover of beer 🍺 and ice cream🍦this is the place to be! South End Charlotte NC is eper cute and Super dog friendly 🐶. Even though this is an amazing place to shoot, keep in mind to plan plenty of time for the Jeni’s ice cream line lol. Perfect for the artsy, creative, modern, industrial yet city like millennial vibes!

Posh-Moments-Photography-NC- Wedding-Photographer-Rolling-Hills-Farms-Wedding-Monroe-NC-Charlotte-NC_0231.jpg

Pro Tip: You want to consider a week night to use this location because the scene is LIT on the weekends and is full of people!



This place offers such a classy vibe it’s ridiculous👠💃🏿! I love this 124 year old mansion itself so much so that I plan enough time to take the tour of the house EVERY TIME with my couples! If your planning to have your engagement session here definitely consider making this a date with your love to take advantage of the tour then meet up with your photographer later. Just a heads up you can only shoot outside, around the mansion and in the greenhouse. I highly recommend you plan your time to shoot inside of the greenhouse 30 min-hour before it closes then spend the rest of your session time exploring and soaking in the sun that sets behind the mansion! Super classy with a great time for you and your love!

Posh-Moments-Photography-NC- Wedding-Photographer-Rolling-Hills-Farms-Wedding-Monroe-NC-Charlotte-NC_0223.jpg

Pro Tip: To get the classic couple standing in front of the mansion shot, I wait until The Biltmore is closed. By this time tourist clears out and you have a clean shot. Be sure to park in the parking spots by the greenhouse, because the shuttle service is closed unless you don't mind a long stroll back to the car.



Uptown Clt will always have my heart for engagement shoots, there is just so many areas to get creative with🌆. I may love it for the spontaneity of it where you can literally randomly catch an ice cream cart and share a pop! There are also cute coffee shops if that’s your flow to cuddle up for some serious PDA! I found gem locations that are my go to when there is rain in this city eliminating the disappointment of cancelling ☔🌧. I suggest always 2 outfits, one dress down and ending your session with a bang with a formal look! Pro Tip: Everyone loves a good city skyline pic on the garage rooftop! You will most likely get kicked off of the garage so if you go let your couple know that will happen but you will work quickly to get the shot 🤣!

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Excited yet for your EPIC engagement shoot in North Carolina?! Well your gonna want to dress and feel your best- here is our 💵FREE 💵 engagement prep guide on how to rock your session like a boss! I hope you enjoyed this list of NC engagement locations! We will be sure to add more to this list as we explore and find more!

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