When I took a trip to Savannah Georgia | Charlotte Wedding Photographers

In February I had the opportunity to travel with the Anchor & Veil Family to attend the Southeastern Photo Convention. Anchor and Veil is one of the top wedding photography studios here in Charlotte NC and I am so humbled to say that I am now apart of their team also! Let’s talk later about that exciting news later in another blog….

The Southeastern Photo Convention now know as Kreativ Summit took place at the Historic Gingerbread House in Savannah Georgia. This was my first photography conference and I def rate this experience a 10/10! Frankly put as photographers we should always remain teachable and as sponges, willing to soak up everything we can learn. This is what makes us excellent at our craft, and better artist/ business owners. Anyways back to the the conference. I got to sit under some pretty amazing photographers, hear the most profound philosophies in art. I also got to get a better grasp on the business side of photography along with a bit of practice at photo walks.

Let’s start with the amazing Kelly Rae. I learned how to help my clients not feel awkward in front of the camera. I think she taught us well I meannn complete stranger doing disss:


Here is the photo walk that I took with the lovely couple Robert & Tiffany of Rustic White Photography on the Historic streets of Savannah at Madison Square.


On top of all of the invaluable insight given, I got to make friends with some pretty rad photographers that are absolutely killin it! I also walked around as a tourist with a dear photog fran Aly from the Anchor & Veil Fam. She graduated from Scad and wanted to show me around town a bit so I snapped away like ya know a tourist…


Learning how to shoot in tight spaces from Bud Johnson was a winner also. I learned how to take whats in the room and use it to my advantage. This day happened to be sooo dark and dreary which added to the eliminate of challenges we already faced in this tiny room. However man oh man the most challenging scenarios comes out to be the most rewarding…. just look


Of course I had a few pics taken of me on dem Savannah streets lol. Thank you Ashley Braswell of Ashley Sue Photography for taking these photos of me!


This was such an amazing time to get out explore in a new city learn and make fransssss. I may have 2 regrets…

  • I regret not taking more photos of this GORGEOUS city!!! (Hire me and get married here ;) )

  • I regret not taking advantage and doing an amzing couples shoot at our AirBnb it was legit sooooooo cuuuttteee

Who’s going to help me amend these????